For over thirty years I wrote exclusively for magazines, completing assignments for devotions, articles and Sunday School curriculum. Eventually I started writing stories for my mother, who loves to read Christian fiction. With her encouragement, I published several of them as Kindle books on Amazon. Please visit my Amazon Author Page. I’d love to hear your feedback on my work!

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“I want my girls to remember happiness.” The single phrase from a widowed farmer’s advertisement caught the attention of Louisville socialite Elnora Vansant. Having lost her fianc√© in an accident, Elnora felt compelled to write and offer condolences to the bereaved farmer who was seeking a mother for his daughters. A lengthy correspondence developed, and Elnora found herself drawing closer and closer to the farmer’s three children. When at last Elnora traveled to Texas to meet the family, she discovered that her unfolding relationship with the farmer was based on lies and nothing was as she had believed it to be. And yet, her heart was irrevocably claimed by the three little girls. Could she find enough room in her life for a man who truly loved her, the town doctor who had come to know her through her letters?

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In the space of a moment, Lydia Westbrook was transformed from glowing newlywed to grieving widow. Her husband died trying to save Karen Colvin and her three children when their truck plunged off a collapsed bridge into a rain-gorged creek. 

Only his two daughters survived the accident that took the lives of Terry Colvin’s wife and infant son. He felt grateful to the man who had saved them, but guilty for his death. He showed his concern for the young widow by quietly performing acts of service to make her life easier.

When Terry inherits a large old farmhouse, he is inspired to start the first Christian school in his area. He enlists Lydia Westbrook, a gifted teacher whose strong biblical values cost her a public school job, to set up and run the school for him. Working together to establish a foundation of faith in their community, Terry and Lydia find healing and hope in their struggle to overcome grief and open their hearts to renewed joy.

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Miraculously surviving a terrible accident that killed his mother, 10-month old Samuel remained lost to his family when he was rescued and raised by a hermit woman in the backwoods of Kentucky’s Red River Gorge mountains. Twenty-eight years later, his adopted grandmother’s deathbed confession revealed the truth of his identity and clues to help him find his biological father. Left alone in the world after her death, Samuel decided to search for the family who had never stopped longing for his return.

Samuel’s story picks up where the first book in the series (Return to Joy) leaves off. It chronicles his quest to find his place in a world that is foreign to him and explores his family’s efforts to understand and accept him. Through it all, the support of a special friend gives Samuel encouragement and opens the door to unexpected love.

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“If the new owner expects Yankee polish, I’m going to give it to him. I’ll be a model of poise, style and cool efficiency.” On hearing her boss’s decision to sell his Texas company to a sharp New York businessman, Lauren Holt decides to impress the new owner with a show of big city sophistication. Unfortunately, Paul Butler is heading south to escape that very stereotype. His first encounter with the girl leaves him cold. But Lauren can’t suppress her exuberant personality for long. One by one, their erroneous assumptions about each other shatter until Paul and Lauren discover a mutual faith and shared Christian values that outweigh their differences. When horrific tragedy strikes, their growing friendship becomes a bedrock of strength as they grapple with grief and pain. But the biggest test is yet to come. Can Lauren’s heart survive a jolting confrontation with Paul’s sinful past?

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