“If it is possible, as far as it depends on you, live at peace with everyone.” Romans 12:18

I was told that Christians are cowards.  They have created an “eternal life” mythology because they fear the finality of death.  The atheist who confronted me with this issue literally hated believers for brainwashing themselves and their offspring with what he considered a foolish and damaging fabrication.  This guy was, in fact, a college sociology professor who deducted points from the grades of any student who disagreed with him.

This is what I can’t figure out – why should he, or anyone else, care what other people believe?  He claimed his perspective and we chose ours.  Period.  What is it about the collision of beliefs that evokes such strong emotions on opposing sides?  How has outrage-induced confrontation become an acceptable response to differing ideologies?

Of course, such responses are not unique to current generations.  Past authorities burned heretics, witches and Bible translators at the stake, after all.  But in this “woke” era, I don’t understand why my conviction of divine involvement and afterlife should provoke hostility from those who reject such ideas.  For that matter, furor over differing opinions of any kind makes no sense.  It is one thing to staunchly defend a preferred belief system, but another matter entirely to spew hatred toward others who disagree with it.

Case in point – look at today’s social media judgment frenzy.  A person can be cancelled for simply expressing preference or opinion on a Facebook feed.  Any wayward viewpoint earns an automatic “phobic” label from Twitter (sorry, I mean X), YouTube or Instagram followers.  In their eagerness to wage verbal warfare, internet trolls discard all levels of middle ground and instantly equate disagreement with hatred.  

And what about real life?  Accidental misuse of pronouns is spawning violent public meltdowns.  Confrontation is the new norm for “Karens” of any gender, race or creed. Unfortunately, this trend is carrying over into school classrooms.

In our district’s disciplinary academy where I serve as an English and Social Studies teacher, we receive students from all the other campuses, grades 1 through 12.  These kids are so conditioned to speaking their minds and brooking no opposition that they spew profanity and insults on our staff pretty much daily.  The elementary children that I supervise almost take pride in their defiance and non-compliance.  I am regularly told, “I’m not doing that f***ing work and there’s nothing you can do about it.  Shut up and quit talking to me!”

I lament the decline of verbal filters, self-control and consideration for others’ feelings in our society.  Call me a Boomer if you will, but there is something to be said for holding back argumentation merely for its own sake.  People these days seem to be developing an addiction to public drama as a stimulant drug, and I’m really worried about its effect on our culture’s future.  Perhaps we could turn the tide back toward civility if more individuals would step up and determine not to unleash rage before thinking things over.  Why shouldn’t we be able to just get along, after all?


  1. Rick

    Hmmm… No filters, no self discipline, no accountability, no consequences is the new norm for society today.
    It is no wonder there is constant upheaval, chaos, and conflict. Personal responsibility and concern for fellow man is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Add to that, the all consuming new mantra that the “collective” knows best and repeatedly reinforced by bureaucrats, news organizations, media, and social networks. Is it any wonder that the human condition has eroded to this point? Progressives, Socialists, Marxists, & Communists are all cut from the same cloth and wholeheartedly believe that the needs of the whole are far more important than any individual rights or personal integrity and responsibility, or respect for others. All we can do is be our best self and rely on the Lord to see us through all obstacles. God’s got this! But please be aware. I Peter 5:8

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