This month my Mom and Dad celebrated 66 years of marriage. That’s an amazing feat in today’s world. To honor them, I’ve decided to step aside from my Writers Workshop series momentarily and post the sonnet I wrote sixteen years ago for their 50th anniversary celebration.

Anniversary Sonnet

The years we’ve shared have sped too quickly by;
Our lives are but a moment locked in time.
Although the glow of youth must fade and die,
Our hearts and days still pulse in perfect rhyme.
We never claimed forever would be ours;
A finite, fleeting life is time’s demand.
Yet we have bathed in joy’s eternal showers,
Each day a precious gift from God’s own hand.
To cherish is life’s privilege and pain;
Love’s stubborn laughter weeping may obscure.
While spent hours won’t return to breathe again,
In memory devotion will endure.
No choice, once made, may ever be undone.
Though death divide, we two shall yet be one.

Vivian Conrad 2003



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